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Radial Bubble Compression Tool


Belden offers high quality, easy to use tools designed to deliver reliable installation of Double Bubble® 360º compression connectors.

The patented “Double Bubble®” connection guarantees superior protection against moisture migration, signal ingress/egress, and eliminates poor signal quality due to the elements. The connectors are ideal for security cameras and other exposed wiring installations. 


  • Manufactured from 4100 Series Aircraft Grade Chromoly Alloy for Maximum Strength and Durability
  • Creates a Secure, Permanent “Double Bubble®” Connection
  • TRUE 360º Compression Technology
  • Fixed Compression Dies in the RBC Tool Compress a Wide Variety of Connectors
  • Self-Adjusting Plunger Head Provides a Precise and Constant Compression Each and Every Time
  • Tool Works Exculsively with Belden’s Line of Double Bubble® Connectors

CPLCRBC-BR Includes:

  • One Interchangeable Tip for Compression of F and RCA Type Connectors

Install These Types of Double Bubble™ Connectors:

  • F, RCA and BNC Connectors
  • RG59 and RG6 Sizes
  • RGB/Mini Coax 23-24 AWG and 25-26 AWG Sizes
  • Plenum and Security (CCTV) Sizes
  • One-Piece High Definition BNC Connectors
  • Intelligent Transportation Systems Connectors
  • DS3 and DS4 Cable Connectors


Part Number Description
CPLCRBC-BR Double Bubble® Radial Bubble Compression Tool
LMTIP-S Silver Adapter Tip for F-Type and RCA Connectors
RBCTIP-UHF Adapter Tip for DB58UHF 50 Ohm Connector
LMTIP-HOLDER Holder for Adapter Tips
Radial Bubble Compression Tool