All Dielectric Self-Supporting Aerial Cable

Ultra light weight All Dielectric Self-Supporting (ADSS) Aerial Cable has an all dielectric construction that is substantially lighter than traditional aerial fiber cables. The cable’s light weight allows existing poles to be used without the need for surveys, planning and remedial civil works, thereby facilitating rapid and cost-effective aerial fiber optic network deployment. Due to the all dielectric construction, the cable can be safely located near high voltage overhead power lines.


  • Light weight: from 50lbs (23kg) per km
  • Supported by existing poles and fittings
  • All dielectric self-supporting construction
  • Suitable to be installed near high voltage cables
  • Self-supporting up to 220ft (68m)

Compatibility List

The All Dielectric Self Support Cable is compatible with:

  • 4-12 fiber count (6mm diameter) 24-36 fiber count (7mm diameter) at 250μm
  • Industry standard push-fit connectors
  • Industry standard “pigtail” fittings
  • Industry standard fiber distribution enclosures


  • FTTH/FTTx – Outdoor
  • Outside Plan
  • Telecoms
  • Utilities
  • Rural Broadband
DOWNLOAD DATASHEET ADSS Aerial Cable 1-24 Fibers
DOWNLOAD DATASHEET ADSS Aerial Cable 36 or 48 Fibers