Basic Tier Traps

QBR Band Reject Tiering Filters

testQBR.pngPPC takes insertion loss and return loss seriously. Poor return loss can affect modem performance. QoS® Series QBR filters have an industry leading minimum return loss of -16 dB (typically -20 dB). QBR filters also have an insertion loss of -0.5 dB (typically -0.2 dB) which reduces the need to install costly drop amps. Drop cable, connectors splitters and ground blocks all have a -16 dB return loss. Why shouldn’t your filters too?


  • Minimum Return Loss of -16 dB (typically -20 dB)
  • Maximum Insertion Loss of -0.8 dB (typically -0.2 dB)
  • Dual female interface or integrated 7/16’’ hex for exibility (optional)
  • Small physical size minimizes risk of port damage
  • Precision four-point female seizure contact
  • SCTE compliant connector interfaces
  • Accommodates PPC port seal and WS-500
  • Custom values available upon request


Minimum Operating
Frequency 1,002 MHz minimum
Impedance 75 Ohms (nominal)
Shielding Effectiveness > 120 dB
Dimensions Length = 2.7 in (6.85 cm) Diameter = 0.81 in (21 mm)
Surge 6 kV per SCTE IPS-TP-210