Cable Strip Tools

PS59/6/RGB, PSA59/6 and PS11

Belden Cable Strip Tools create a perfect cable prep every time.

Prepping cable has never been easier or more accurate. Choose from three models to prep RG11 through RGB/Mini coaxial cables.


  • Patented cable stop for perfect 1/4”-1/4“ cable preparation
  • No screws, keys or other adjustment pieces to manage
  • Integrated rollers ensure the strip tool rolls around the cable to provide a clean, even cut
  • Extra replacement blade cartridge is included with every tool purchased
  • Lightweight and compact for easy transportation and storage

PS59/6/RGB Cable Strip Tool:

  • Preps RG59, RG6 and RGB/mini coaxial cables
  • Includes two replacement blade cartridges:
    • PSC-RGB (RED) cartridge for 22-24 AWG and 25-26 AWG mini coaxial cables
    • PSC59/6/RGB (BLUE) cartridge for RG59/RG6

PSA59/6 Cable Strip Tool:

  • Preps RG59, RG6 and RG58 cable
  • The adjustable dial on the tool provides a precise cut on any cable
  • Integrated side flaring tool for RG6 cable
  • Includes an extra PSCA59/6 replacement blade cartridge

PS11 Cable Strip Tool:

  • Preps RG11 cable
  • Heavy duty spring provides resistance against everyday wear and tear
  • Offers an easy, consistent, long lasting cable preparation you can depend on
  • Includes an extra PSC11 replacement blade cartridge

Belden Cable Strip Tools

Part Number Description Blade Cartridge Part #
PS59/6/RGB Cable Strip Tool for RG59, RG6 and RGB/Mini Coax Cables PSC-RGB (Red) PSC59/6/RGB (Blue)
PSA59/6 Cable Strip Tool for RG59, RG6 and RG58 Cables PSCA59/6
PS11 Cable Strip Tool for RG11 Cable PSC11