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The state of broadband Britain – the global picture

Posted by Tom Carpenter

In a previous post we discussed the options consumers and businesses have when it comes to high speed broadband in the UK. In this follow on piece, we’ll take a look at the UK’s position compared to other countries around the world – and future plans in this area.

Countries around the world see the positive impact that high speed broadband can have on their economies – making companies more productive, enabling services such as telemedicine and e-learning and underpinning innovation. So there is a global drive to increase the rollout of high speed networks

Topics: Market trends, Fiber innovations

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The aggregation of marginal gains

Posted by Paul Ekpenyong

Given the overwhelming success of British Cycling, both at the Olympics and the Tour de France, businesses have naturally been looking at how such dominance is achieved. Much of the success comes down to the ‘aggregation of marginal gains’ philosophy that team principal, Sir Dave Brailsford, has instilled across both Team Sky and the Olympic programme.

Put simply, it means that rather than looking to gain one big advantage in a single area, the team looks at every process and procedure and how each one can be improved, even if by a small amount. And marginal gains stack up – in a sport like track cycling finding 5 seconds in a short race might be difficult. But finding a gain of half a second is much more likely – discover ten of these and you have your 5 seconds.

Topics: Market trends

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Vive La France

Posted by Martin Gossling

Like many countries France is moving rapidly to a fibre optic future. Latest figures from telecoms regulator ARCEP found that there were 50,000 more fibre to the home (FTTH) subscribers in Q1 2013, a nearly 70% growth since the same period in 2012.

Putting this in context France had over 24.2 million broadband subscribers at the end of March 2013, and while DSL made up 98% of connections, this is changing. 19% of homes in France have now been passed by fibre and over 1 million customers have a 100 Mbps connection, a growth of 46% since 2012.

This growth is being driven by both government and operator investment. Back in February the French Government announced that €20 billion will be spent on fiber infrastructure to increase economic growth. These funds will come a combination of the state, operators, and local government to ensure that fibre networks reach as far as possible. Reports state that 50% of the country may well have access to fibre by 2017.

Topics: Fiber to the premises, Market trends, Fiber innovations

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PPC – cabling the world

Posted by Martin Gossling

More and more industries rely on the power of optical fibre to transmit ever increasing amounts of information. Whether it is delivering superfast broadband to the premises, linking electronic systems within aircraft, routing data in real time around datacentres or connecting safety and infotainment systems inside cars, protecting this fibre is vital. However it can’t be at the expense of flexibility, weight or ease of installation.

At PPC we’re dedicated to protecting optical fibre. As the inventors and producers of the world-leading range of patented Miniflex™ fibre cables we make hard plastic flexible through our grooved design process, ensuring the highest level of protection.

Here’s a snapshot of some of the major milestones we’ve already reached:

  • Manufactured more than 20 million metres (67 million feet) of duct and Miniflex cable, which has been installed around the world. That’s enough to stretch from London to New Zealand (with a little spare). Given our rate of growth we expect to double this amount within the next two years.

Topics: Market trends, Fiber innovations

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