Bonding & Grounding Hardware

    Braid and Web Guard KitBraid_Web_Guard.png

    PPC’s Braid & Web Guard Kit combines 25 feet of Bonding Braid and 25 feet of Web Guard in a convenient two-coil dispenser pack.

    Bonding Braid Features

    • Flexible woven braid 7/16” wide made of die cast zinc alloy with zinc plated screws
    • Composed of tinned copper strands
    • Electrical carrying capacity of solid No. 6 AWG copper conductor
    • Easily trimmed to length and punched for connection to a device 

    Web Guard Features:

    • Open web, low density polyethylene protective covering
    • Electrically insulates bonding braid or bonding bars from surrounding components
    • Permits compound penetration when used in encapsulated splices

    Copper Bond Bar and Insulator Tubing

    Copper Bond Bar Features:

    • Tin plated, Solid copper, 1⁄2” wide bond bar
    • Provides effective shield continuity and dependable mechanical bonding
    • Alternating hole and elongated slot configuration easily aligns to bond studs
    • Will accommodate the base mounting posts of standard 3 pair and 6 pair terminal blocks

    Insulator Tubing Features:

    • 7/16” width fits easily and snugly over bond bar
    • Provides protection against environmental, electrical and mechanical damage
    • For use with both copper and aluminum bond bar when encapsulant is not being used

    Braid & Web Guard Kit

    Part Number Description Inner Pack Outer Pack Min Order Qty
    C4011 Braid and Web Guard Kit 1 6 6
    C4013 Web Guard only 2x25 ft coils 1 6 6

    Copper Bond Bar and Insulator Tubing

    Part Number Description Inner Pack Outer Pack Min Order Qty
    C4079 Bond Bar 25 Ft Roll 1 10 1
    C4081 Bond Bar 100 Ft Roll 1 1 1
    C4080 Kit with 25 Ft roll, Copper Bond bar and 25 Ft roll, Insulator Tubing 1 10 1