Bonding & Grounding Hardware for Telecom Solutions

    Fiber Bonding Clip


    PPC’s new, easy to install Fiber Optic Bonding Clamp provides a secure bond without FBC-1.pngcompression of buffer tube or fibers.

    Interior clamp insures no compression of buffer tube or fibers
    Accepts fiber core up to .240 inches
    Serrated surface of interior clamp pierces the copolymer film on shield insuring
        bond with shield
    Multiple contact points ensure reliable connection
    Solid copper clasps, tin-plated, offers most conductive, non-corrosive materials
    Floating bond design protects against pullout from frost
    Second nut allows for bond removal for testing and maintenance
    Easy to install
    Cost effective


    Clips & Clamps

    Bullet Bond 1000®- C4043bullet_bond.png

    A universal shield bond connector that provides superior mechanical connection and electrical bond to the cable shield. The extended “cheese grater shim” affords increased connection and penetration of vinyl coated cable shields. Additional pair protection from heat is afforded by the Extended Heat Shield.

    Enhanced Bullet Bond Clip - C4040

    A highly reliable shield bond connector that provides an excellent electrical contact and a strong mechanical bond. Fits any medium to large cable 12 pair or larger. Stud length has been increased to 1” to accommodate thicker bond rope being used by some telcos. Molded one piece nut and washer with knurled base to provide tight contact. Can be hand tightened with terminal wrench or to 40 in. lbs. with a “T” handled torque wrench. “Cheese grater shim” provides increased surface contact and “bite” into vinyl coated cable shields.

    Beaver Clamp - C4025 and C4025HS

    A simple, dependable two-piece cable shield bonding connector that meets or exceeds industry standards and is suitable for torquing to 40 in/lbs or can be tightened with terminal wrench. Molded one piece nut and washer with knurled base for hand tightening with a terminal wrench or a T-Handled torque wrench. Wide base plate is designed to fit cables larger than 200 pair. Order with or without heat shield.

    Bond Stud Coin I & II - C2057 and C2058

    A fast, easy to install sandwich style bonding clamp with threaded stud for easy attachment through the sheath and shield. Bond coin of adjoining buried service drop or small cable is easily attached to the threaded stud with molded one piece nut and washer with knurled base.

    Bonding Coin - C2055 Long and C2056 Short

    Sandwich type bond clip for use on cable shield or service drop wire. Sheath with bond coin and compression washers is placed over bond stud of adjoining cable’s shield bond connector. Fast, dependable bonding for non-fused shield service wire. Available in long and short version depending on cable or drop size.

    Telecom Catalog

    Part Numbers

    Part Number Description Inner Pack Outer Pack
    C4043 Bullet Bond 1000 Clip† 1 100
    C4040 Bullet Bond Clip 100 100
    C4025 Beaver Clamp 50 1050
    C4025HS Beaver Clamp with Heat Shield 50 1050
    C2057 Bond Stud Coin I 100 2100
    C2058 Bond Stud Coin II - contains additional nut† 100 2100
    C2055 Bonding Coin - Long (Holes 1–5/16” on center) 100 2100
    C2056 Bonding Coin - Short (Holes 13/16” on center) 100 2100
    C4040-1 Box of replacement nuts for all clamps/clips marked with  above 100 1000