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Category Cable - CAT5e

General Description

CAT5e (200MHz), 4-Pair, U/UTP-Unshielded, Riser-CMR, Premise Horizontal Cable, 24 AWG Solid Bare Copper Conductors, Polyoelefin Insulation, Ripcord, PVC Jacket

Usage: (Overall):

Horizontal, Gigabit Ethernet, 100BaseTX, POE, POE+, 100BaseVG ANYLAN, 155ATM, 622ATM, NTSC/PAL Component or Composite Video, AES/EBU Digital Video, RS-422

  • Conductors: # Pairs: 4
  • AWG: 24
  • Conductor Material: BC
  • Insulation Material: PO-Polyolefin
  • Jacket: PVC
  • Nominal Diameter: 0.190"
  • Storage Temperature Range: -20°C to +75°C
  • Installation Temperature Range: 0°C to +60°C
  • Operating Temperature Range: -20°C to +60°C
  • UL Temperature Rating: 75C (UL AWM Style 444)
  • Bulk Cable Weight: 18lbs/1000ft
  • Max. Recommended Pulling Tension: 35lbs
  • Min. Bend Radius/Minor Axis: 0.08in
  • Min. Bend/Installation: 1.900in

Electrical Properties

  • Capacitance (pF/ft): 15
  • Delay (ns/100m): 537 @ 100MHz
  • DCR Unbalance @ 20°C: 3%
  • Nominal Velocity of Propagation VP (%): 70
  • DCR @ 20°C (Ohm/100m): 3
  • NEC/(UL) Specification: CMR
  • Telecommunications Standards: Category 6 - TIA 568.C.2

Lengths and Colours

Item Length Shipping Weight Jacket Colour
PC5UVRM BLUX1000 1000ft 24.00lb Blue
PC5UVRM GRYX1000 1000ft 24.00lb Gray


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