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PPC Spec Sheets - Construction Hardware

Developing industry-first innovations

PPC’s hardware is designed to withstand environmental hazards for decades. Our proprietary approach of combining specific materials with mechanical galvanizing ensures our product will outlast the competition. In an era where replacement costs are rising, Diamond hardware can save you more in the long run.

Our lab testing has shown that Diamond hardware lasts longer in every environment, from the salt rich coastal, to the icy cold north. You can rely on Diamond hardware to withstand the test of time.

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Construction Hardware 

CableReady Catalog Final


PPC Diamond Catalog


Aerial Drop Hardware 


Diamond C Span Clamp 27-00869 Spec Sheet

Diamond Drop Wire Clamp 23-44441 Spec Sheet

Diamond Drop Wire Clamp SC02MFA-22 Spec Sheet

Diamond Drop Wire Hook 30-01732 Spec Sheet

Diamond E Drop Wire Clamp 23-80361 Spec Sheet

Diamond E Span Clamp Spec Sheet

Diamond O Span Clamp Spec Sheet

Diamond Q Span Clamp 27-00185 Spec Sheet

Bonding and Grounding Hardware 


Corner Bonding Clamps Spec Sheet

Dual Ground Lug Spec Sheet

Front Bonding Clamps Spec Sheet

Ground Straps Spec Sheet

I Beam Ground Clamp Spec Sheet

Meter Box Ground Clamp Spec Sheet

Power Ground Connector Spec Sheet

Split Bolt Connectors Spec Sheet

Type G Ground Clamp Spec Sheet

Drop Hardware 

Drop_Wire_Mast_Bracket.png22S22_Cable_Clip_-_Coaxial.pngEye_Hook_31-00808.png One_Hole_Offset_Clamp.pngP_House_Hook.pngS_Cable_Clip.pngsnsclips.pngOmni_House_Hook.pngFeed_Thru_Bushings.png

Drop Wire Mast Bracket 40-00540 Spec Sheet

Diamond Dual Cable Clamp 22-12121 Spec Sheet

Diamond Eye Hook 31-00808 Spec Sheet

Diamond One Hole Offset Clamp 23-80403 Spec Sheet

Diamond P House Hook 31-00809 Spec Sheet

Diamond S Cable Clip 23-80366 Spec Sheet

Diamond Screw and Snap 24-88013 Spec Sheet

Omni House Hook Spec Sheet

Feed Thru Bushings Spec Sheet

Pole Line Hardware 

Aluminum_Extension_Bracket_29-19944.png Aluminum_Tap_Bracket_29-19943.pngDrive_Hook.pngpoleline_hardware.pngFiber_Optic_Rack_Hanger_29-19945.pngLashed_Cable_Supports.pngSnap-On_Tap_Bracket_29-19941.pngD_Lashing_Clamp2.pngBridle_Rings.png

Diamond Aluminum Extension Bracket 29-19944 Spec Sheet

Diamond Aluminum Tap Bracket 29-19943 Spec Sheet

Diamond Drive Hook Spec Sheet

Diamond E Cable Lashing Clamp 26-09020 Spec Sheet

Diamond Fiber Optic Rack Hanger 29-19945 Spec Sheet

Diamond Lashed Cable Supports 34-089 Spec Sheet

Diamond Tap Brackets 29-19941 Spec Sheet

Diamond D Lashing Clamp Spec Sheet

Bridle Rings Spec Sheet