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    Copper Reducing Splices

    Bonding and Grounding Hardware Copper Reducing SplicesPPC Copper Reducing Splices are the most recent addition to the telecom line of copper compression connectors. Designed for use in Central Offices, Head-Ends, Data Centers and Remote Sites where the need to reduce the connector footprint is greatest.


    PPC Copper Reducing Splices are designed for equipment installations where H-Taps are normally used to step down the cable size. When space is at a premium and standard H-Tap splicing is too cumbersome, the Belden reducing splices can be the right choice. Splices are available for a range of cables from 750 Flex to #6 Code.

    Compact design provides low profile installation – requires less “real estate” in a central office.

    • Reducing Splice and two sizes of the appropriate UL listed clear heat-shrink are packaged in an individual bag with instructions (No H-Tap cover is required).
    • One-person installation. Each side is crimped separately.
    • Utilizes standard lug crimping dies. More standard tooling options can be utilized.
    • Lower tonnage tools can now install even the largest reducing splice.
    • Hand tools can be used on splices for 500 Code/350 Flex and smaller.
    • Inspection holes verify cable is fully inserted into each barrel.
    • UL listed and RUS/RDUP listed.
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    Product Specifications

    Part Number Main Color Code Branch Color Code
    TBRS75F-75C50FHS 750 Flex Yellow 750 Code/500 Flex Black
    TBRS75F-50C35FHS 750 Flex Yellow 500 Code/350 Flex Brown
    TBRS75F-25C4/0FHS 750 Flex Yellow 250 Code/4/0 Flex Yellow
    TBRS75C50F-75C50FHS 750 Code/500 Flex Black 750 Code/500 Flex Black
    TBRS75C50F-50C35FHS 750 Code/500 Flex Black 500 Code/350 Flex Brown
    TBRS75C50F-25C4/0FHS 750 Code/500 Flex Black 250 Code/4/0 Flex Yellow
    TBRS75C50F-4/0CHS 750 Code/500 Flex Black 4/0 Code Purple
    TBRS4/0C-2CHS 4/0 Code Purple 2 Code Brown
    TBRS4/0C-6CHS 4/0 Code Purple 6 Code Blue
    TBRS2/0C1/0F-2CHS 2/0 Code/1/0 Flex Black 2 Code Brown
    TBRS2/0C1/0F-6CHS 2/0 Code/1/0 Flex Black 6 Code Blue
    TBRS1/0C1F-2CHS 1/0 Code/1 Flex Pink 2 Code Brown
    TBRS1/0C1F-6CHS 1/0 Code/1 Flex Pink 6 Code Blue
    TBRS2C-6CHS 2 Code Brown 6 Code Blue