Demarcation EnclosureHouse_Box_Front.png

    PPC’s demarcation enclosures provides a secure compartment for terminating coaxial cables and mounting any combination of drop components.
    The enclosure’s removable hinged lid has a section that allows for the display of your company’s logo. The enclosure can be safeguarded three different ways: two side snap latches, zip-tie/pad lock or locking F-terminator.
    The internal mounting arrangement allows for a standardized method of installing coax drop components. All mounts are the same height and spaced in 1/2” increments per SCTE requirements.

    EVOHB1094xx - Individual, self-sealing cable entrance ports prevent insect ingressEVOHB1094xx_bottom-web.png









    HB1094RC74xx - Open-ended cable ports for easier and faster installation



    Product Specifications

    UV Resistance ASTM G26-93
    Salt Fog ASTM B117-90
    Chemical Resistance 100°F and 95% RH Resists chipping and/ or cracking when subjected to household chemicals
     Material Copolymer Impact Polypropylene
     Dimensions (HxWxD) Internal 11.1” x 10.5” x 4.6”
    Cable Entrances # x Size - Input/Output 11 x 0.635”
    Cable Entrances # x Size - Ground Wire 1 x 0.310”
    Cover Latching Molded Snap Fingers, “F” Termination and security hole for lock or zip-tie

    Part Number

    PPC Part Number Description
    EVOHB1094xx 11.1” x 10.5” x 4.6” Demarcation Enclosure with individual, self-sealing cable enttrance ports
    HB1094RC74xx 11.1” x 10.5” x 4.6” Demarcation Enclosure with open-ended cable ports for easier and faster installtion