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Facilities Maintenance Mechanic

Position Summary:

The Facilities Maintenance Mechanic is responsible for the preventative maintenance and repair of PPC machinery, equipment, physical structures, pipe and related electrical systems within the company facility.

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Essential Functions:

  1. Install, perform preventative maintenance routines, troubleshoot and effect repairs to facilities and production equipment.
  2. Install, PM, troubleshoot and repair all production & non-production equipment that supports the facility.
  3. Assumes responsibility for maintenance and repair of machinery as well as may be asked to assist in trouble shooting of equipment for production.
  4. Troubleshoot and repair facility electrical, mechanical, plumbing & utilities.
  5. Rig, move and set-up production and production support equipment, to include power, air and oil as required.
  6. Perform monthly checks and document inspections to all facility emergency lights, exit lights, ladders and forklift batteries, effecting repairs as necessary.
  7. Design, fabricate and weld parts to support manufacturing, to include welding repairs to equipment.
  8. Performs all other duties as assigned.

 Education / Experience Requirements:

  • H.S. Diploma or GED with skilled trades courses desired, and three years’ experience in an industrial setting.
  • Ability to read and comprehend electrical blueprints and schematics to install, troubleshoot, and conduct preventive maintenance, and to perform repairs to facilities, as well as production equipment to 480 volts, 3-phase.
  • Knowledge and skills of pneumatic systems, basic plumbing and pipe fitting, carpentry and painting.
  • Ability to use hand and power tools.

To apply, fill out the form on this page. Remember to attach your résumé!

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