DWDM Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (OTDR)

    The NT2-210019 is a tunable DWDM OTDR with 97.5 wavelengths from the C-Band spectrum. These 97.5 wavelengths are available in a single hand-held, tunable OTDR.

    The ODTR also operates as tunable light source with 6 dB power output range. Use the ODTR for commissioning and troubleshooting DWDM Metro Ethernet Networks.

    This OTDs offer features and options include auto pass/fail connector end face testing with video scope and probe, broadband power meter, CW source and VFL.



    • Tunable OTDR with 97.5 C-Band wavelengths
    • Tunable cw/pulsed laser source with 50/100GHz spacing
    • Touchscreen operation
    • Fib-R-View auto pass/fail/centering fiber inspector
    • Fib-R-Map comprehensive event analysis
    • 97.5 channel TLS (14-62.5) on the ITU grid
    • 35 dB ODTR dynamic range
    • 10 hour Li-ion battery pack
    • Bidirectional analysis
    • Bluetooth Android tablet operation
    • Report generating software included


    • Fiber characterization in DWDM networks
    • Verify ROADM channel routing
    • Wavelength provisioning
    • Test through OADMs
    • In service DWDM network trouble shooting
    • Test through MUX/DeMUX channels
    • CBH antenna feeds
    PPC QuikPass Solution Brochure