Fiber Hub (FHP-D24072AXEEB-CL)

    The FutureLink® Bulkhead with 72 SC/APC adapters (expandable) has space for 9 box-style splitters (SFSM FHP-D24072AXEEB-CL_650pxbelow). Additional bulkhead (SC/APC) for splitter inputs and cascaded designs. Includes 24-fiber feed cable, and fiber distribution cables for splicing at external enclosure(s). Cables are 50 ft. length.

    Part Number: FHP-D24072AXEEB-CL

    Dimensions: 31” H x 13” W x 8” D


    • Can be configured for various adapter types
    • Integrated slack storage compartment provide ample room to store excess cable length while maintaining separation of hardened drop and distribution cable
    • Scalable system for added slack capacity just add a second enclosure and you will have doubled the capacity
    • Terminal designed for application diversity, allowing for indoor or outdoor installation
    • Easy one person installation and a push to close door latch with security screws
    • Intuitive cable routing minimizes install time
    • Integrated radius limiting flanges ensure cable bend radius is maintained
    • Cosmetically pleasing and easy to install
    • Internal strain relief
    • Designed and qualified for indoor and outdoor use with the same parts. Materials are flame retardant, UV and weather resistant for indoor safety with outdoor longevity in the environment
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