Microduct Products

Miniflex® Indoor, Plenum and Riser Microducts provide protective pathways for FTTx cable installations, especialy implementations like in-building deployments where the routing of cables and optical fiber is required.

Miniflex® Outdoor Microduct is like its indoor stable mate but is made from a tough, UV-stable PE polymer.

TuffDuct™ – Direct Buried Microduct is an ultra-tough 10 x 6 mm microduct for the routing of cables and optical fiber underground. It is rugged enough to withstand the high temperatures encountered in micro trenching applications. TuffDuct™ is also available with a tone-wire for locating purposes, if required.

Miniflex® and Tuffduct microducts come with our ultra low-friction and low static DVC™ lining to assist in pulling, blowing and pushing of cable. 

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