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    SFIT Splitter Housing (SFIT-FL00CNN-001)

    The FutureLink® SFIT Splitter Housing has a goalpost bracket to hold splitter cassettes an three ports with flat rubber grommets. Can SFIT-FL00CNN-001_650pxbe attached to SFIT-FT00CNN-005 to provide additional capacity, or coupled with Slack Storage SFIT-FL00BNX-001.

    Part Number: SFIT-FL00CNN-001

    Dimensions: 9” H x 10” W x 4.7” D

    Recommended accessories: Port nozzles


    • Indoor and outdoor use
    • Cable entry ports to support multiple cables and sizes
    • Craft-friendly, cable grommet system for quick installation and sealing
    • Goalpost bracket to hold splitter cassettes
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