Perfect Path HDMI Cable

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HDMI cable

Perfect Path developed and patented the first Locking Connector for HDMI Cables, with more than six times the holding retention of conventional HDMI. With Perfect Path HDMI Cables, for the first time, both performance and reliability of HDMI connections are…well, perfect.

PPC’s award-winning connectors and cables are used by cable systems and satellite networks around the world. Now you can use the same professional-grade cable solutions, perfect for any installation.

Perfect Path™ enhances customer experience and reduces customer service calls, truck rolls, and operational costs, connecting you to increased profits.

Discover the difference when you work with the best. Connect with something better.

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Product Range

 HDMI cable 600B

HD-600 Series Locking HDMI Cable

High Retention, High Speed HDMI® Cable, available in 3ft, 6ft and 12ft cable lengths.

HDMI cable 700 

HD-700 Series Locking HDMI Cable

High Speed Cable w/ Ethernet Channel and PerfectLock™ Connectors. Available in 2ft, 4ft, 8ft, 16ft, 25ft, 35ft and 50ft cable lengths.