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Hybrid Drop Duct for FTTx

Used by companies who want to provide standard copper-based telephony as a backup or disaster recovery solution for a new fiber rollout.

Hybrid Drop Duct is a hybrid duct and drop cable. The duct section is reinforced to allow aerial suspension from overhead poles, attached to which is an additional 0.4/0.5mm unshielded twisted copper pair (UTP).

Advantages for FTTx

  • Lightweight 32.9 Kg/km
  • Suitable for lightweight poles
  • Single person installation/stringing
  • Future-proof solution allows for fiber replacement
  • Ultra-low friction & low static DVC™ lining
  • Integrated high tensile steel strength members
  • Mechanical strength allows up to 68 meter span lengths (subject to environmental conditions)
  • Includes UTP (unshielded twisted copper pair) providing standard telecoms connection
  • Bend radius of 70mm
  • Can provide power and data to a standard BT-style socket

Compatibility List

Hybrid Drop Duct is compatible with:
  • Blown fiber bundles up to 12 fibers at 250μm
  • Loose tube multi-fiber unit
  • Small micro cables
  • Blow, pull and push cable deployment/drop methods


  • FTTH/FTTx - Outdoor
  • Telecoms