Mini SignalTight® EXM-XLPLUSMini SignalTight EXM-XLPLUS

Protection against loose connectors

Digital services are seriously impacted by loose connectors:

  • Pixilation and tiling of video
  • Reduced data speeds
  • Poor VoIP voice quality

SignalTight® Drop Connectors minimize the number of self-installs that become truck rolls

SignalTight® achieves signal transmission approaching that of a fully-tightened connector, even if left loose:

  • Unique 7/16” nut profile
  • Maintains ground continuity even when very loose
  • Reduces QAM errors/packet loss
  • Prevents service issues from loose connections

Preparation & Installation Tools

Mini SignalTight EXM-XLPLUS Tools VT200Mini SignalTight EXM-XLPLUS Tools LTDMini SignalTight EXM-XLPLUS Tools TW307


Product Specification

Bandwidth 0 MHz to 3 GHz
Impedance 75 Ohms (nominal)
Return Loss Minimum -30 dB to 3 GHz
Insertion Loss Less than .10 dB to 3 GHz
Operating Voltage 90 V (at 60 Hz continuous AC)
Operating Temperature -40°F to +140°F (-40°C to 60°C)
Meets or exceeds all SCTE specifications

Part Number



Mini SignalTight® EXM-XLPLUS

SignalTight®, Mini Series, F-Connector


Features and benefits of the Mini SignalTight® EXM-XLPLUS drop connector

Features and benefits of the Mini SignalTight™ EXM-XLPLUS drop connector