Miniflex® Fiber Cable - QuikPush®

Miniflex® Fiber Cable - QuikPush® allows pre-terminated cable to be routed in the field without the need for a splice.

QuikPush connector.pngQuikPush connectors use a slimline, pushable pre-terminated ferrule with a self-assembly SC connector. And, like all the Miniflex range, the QuikPush cable is made from crush resistant hard plastic.

Quick and easy to assemble, it requires no expensive equipment or messy splices. The Miniflex cable ensures the fiber is fully protected yet ultra flexible.

Advantages of Miniflex® for FTTx

  • One of the only pre-connectorized double-ended cables that can be routed through microduct
  • Low smoke, zero halogen (LSZH) & UV stabilized version also available
  • Features Miniflex technology
  • Industry standard SC connector
  • Rapid, simple self-assembly & connection - 2 clicks and go
  • Lightweight
  • Grooving increases flexibility for a given strength
  • Very high crush resistance
  • Uses industry-standard fiber
  • Ultra tough
  • Ultra low friction coating aiding fiber install
  • Class-leading push and blow ability

Compatibility List

Miniflex Fiber Cable - QuikPush is compatible with:

  • Industry standard push-fit connectors
  • Compatible with microduct
PPC QuikPass Solution Brochure


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