Miniflex® Riser Cable

    Miniflex® Riser Cable is ideal for last drop deployments in indoor FTTx networks.

    Miniflex® is the original pushable fiber optic cable on the market. Its leading combination of toughness, flexibility, and small, lightweight size means it can be easily and safely routed in tight areas.

    Who is Miniflex® for?

    Fearless_M2fx_aug_12_6.jpgMiniflex® Riser Cable can provide the solution for operators where the primary requirement is that fiber cables are “riser-rated” – they shouldn’t propagate fire and can self-extinguish. While this designation applies mainly in the US and Canada, it can also be beneficial in other parts of the world where flame-retardant properties are sought.

    The riser rating offers the highest performance level in accordance with UL standards, meaning that Miniflex® Plenum can also be safely installed in risers and general purpose deployments.

    Using Miniflex® reduces the need for specialist skills and resources and decreases the installation time, saving valuable hours and money.


    What are the benefits of Miniflex?

    • Easy to handle - due to its compact and lightweight properties, the cable is suitable for routing in trays and racks. Its toughness also provides protection in areas where the optical fiber is exposed to human contact; Miniflex picks up where your armoured cable ends and continues to provide end to end-to-end optical fiber protection.
    • Easy to install whether pushing, pulling or blowing, Miniflex Riser’s hard yet flexible outer jacket means the cable will not kink during installation, saving costly delays and fiber damage. The cable can be installed without the additional cost of plenum duct and is a standalone solution for premise applications from 1-24 fibers. It can be tacked, stapled or clipped directly to walls and floors during in-premise applications and is compatible with all normal fiber termination methods.
    • Flame retardant Miniflex Riser complies with National Electric Code (NEC) regulations and is UL Listed, UL File E317652.  
    • More robust than other small diameter cables - the fiber cable combines durability with flexibility. Its outer jacket is made of tough polymer, giving it a high crush resistance, and features our patented live hinges, allowing movability.

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