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Miniflex® Riser Microduct

Miniflex™ Riser Microduct uses a flame retardant and Low Smoke Zero Halogen polymer; suitable to use indoors in the event of fire.

Miniflex® Riser Microduct has a low-friction & low static DVC™ lining to Four_Sizes_White_Duct.jpgassist in pulling, blowing and pushing of fiber or cable.

Miniflex® Riser Microduct is a future-proof raceway that enables the fast deployment of fiber as and when it is required, using simple cost-effective techniques.


  • Riser Communications Raceway certified (UL2024)
  • Features Miniflex® technology: 50mm Bend radius (active)
  • Ultra tough, with high crush resistance
  • Will route/install upto 1500ft of cable in a single deployment
  • Ultra low-friction liner – for Class-leading push/pull & blow abilities


  • FTTH/FTTx - Outdoor
  • Telecoms
DOWNLOAD DATASHEET Standalone Riser Microduct
DOWNLOAD DATASHEET Field Assembled Riser Microduct

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