Optical Line Monitoring System (OLM)

    PPC’s Optical Line Monitoring System (OLM) safe-guards the fiber links of your valued business customers and residential subscribers by actively monitoring and reporting on your network in real time. 

    A common issue with conventional manual or OTDR-only platforms is that they work by scanning fibers in sequence. Depending on the number of fibers being monitored, the cycle can take hours to complete. And a faulty cable will only be detected once it reaches its turn in the cycle test.


    PPC’s OLM system works continuously and instantly, by simultaneously monitoring all assigned fibers. When a fault is detected, the OTDR is immediately directed to that specific fiber. And in just two minutes an Email notification is sent to your NOC and Field Engineers, indicating the GIS location of the fault.

    The OLM minimizes service down-time, provides faster outage resolutions and optimises your maintenance resources.

    PPC Optical Line Monitoring