Passive MoCA Portal

    PPC’s Passive MoCA Portal provides cable network connectivity to broadband devices, such as a DVR and modem, while connecting MoCA devices to the DVR through an isolated internal network.

    Since all ports are in one row, troubleshooting with subscribers and installers is easier. For example, they can be instructed to connect the DVR’s cable to the “third connector from the left” rather than more complicated directions with ports that are stacked in several rows and columns.

    MoCA passive 7 port 

    Features & Benefits

    • Base unit provides:
      • 3 “broadband” outputs (5 – 1002 MHz)
      • 4 MoCA-only outputs (1,125 – 1,675 MHz)
    • Passive Expansion Module adds 3 more MoCA-only ports
    •  UL Listed ground bond point
    • Color-coated labels to identify ports
    • All F-ports in one row for easy access
    • MoCA-only ports can be expanded from 4 to 7
    • Layered, expandable form-factor saves the operator money
    • Easily add PEMM without disturbing existing connections
    • MoCA ready (1,125 – 1,675 MHz)
    • +40dB output to input MoCA isolation
    • Ready for DOCSIS 3.1
    • Ready for Full Duplex
    • No powering needed
    • Limits return ingress
    Download Data Sheet
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    DOCSIS 3.1