PPC Quik Install Kit

    The Quik Install Kit (QIK) allows fiber drop cables to be deployed quickly and at minimal cost to the provider, removing the need for complicated tools and highly skilled optic engineers.

    The connectors are lab terminated and pre-installed inside the PPC Small Customer Terminal, ensuring factory sealed performance and reducing the time spent at the customer premises.


    Supplied with a simple click-and-fit back plate, the wall terminal can be mounted in seconds.

    Available in a variety of configurations, the QIK offers one to four fibers and a host of connector options, including the PPC pushable Balistix connector technology.


    Applications of Quik Install Kit

    • Multi-dwelling units
    • Commercial offices
    • Schools and campuses
    • Hotels and resorts

    Compatability List

    • 2.2mm and 3m
    • 5mm to 10mm microduct
      Miniflex® G.657A1 optical fiber  
    • SC/APC & LC/APC connectors
    • Fusion and mechanial splicing
    • UL riser and CPR Cca certified


    • 2.2mm and 3mm Miniflex® ruggedized, flexible fiber cable
    • Slim and compact customer terminal
    • Up to four fibers (LC) and two fibers (SC)
    • Multiple termination options
    • Supplied with wall mount fixings
    • 100% recyclable spool and deployment style “pizza box”
    • No cable pay-off equipment required
    • 100% laser safety Shuttered Connector Adapters
    • 5 to 100 meters (15 to 300 feet) cable lengths
    PPC QuikPass Solution Brochure