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    QuikPush™ Small Distribution Box

    This QuikPush distribution box (QP-SDB) from PPC is a stylish, compact fiber distribution point designed specifically for pre-terminated FTTH applications. Suitable for indoor use the distribution box can accommodate up to 12 QuikPush drop cables for onward routing within Multi-Dwelling Units.

    Supporting fully pre-terminated installations, the distribution box can facilitate point-to-point (12 fibers) and passive network (1:8) architecture within MDUs.

    The QP-SDB is designed specifically to overcome the slack storage challenge of pre-terminated FTTH applications with capacity for up to 25 meters of slack fiber cable.

    Suitable for indoor use, the QP-SDB facilitates the use of the pre-terminated PPC QuikPush Drop cables within customer dwellings, between the network floor distribution point and the end user's Optical Network Terminal.


    • Allows for 100% splice-less FTTH installations
    • IP54 protection from dust and water
    • Can accommodate 12 x SC or LC duplex adaptors
    • Capacity for 12 drop cables per closure
    • Lockable front cover for total fiber security
    • Compact design with hinged splice trays
    • Storage for up to 25m (82 feet) of Ø3mm Miniflex cable
    • Supplied with wall fixings, cable ties and connector adapters


    • Fiber To The Home
    • Multi-Dwelling Units
    • Premise installations
    • Telecommunications

    Compatibility List:

    • All PPC and industry standard cable
    • QuikPush™ cable connector (SC & LC)
    • PPC Microduct

    Customer Terminal Information

    Part Number Connector Adaptors Internal Config. Size
    10-1335 8 x SC / APC 1:8 Splitter 340(h) x 260(w) x 90(d) mm
    10-1336 12 x SC / APC 12 x pigtails 340(h) x 260(w) x 90(d) mm
    Part Number Weight Max. Slack Storage
    10-1335 1kg 25m 82ft
    10-1336 1kg 25m 82ft
    Part Number Port Diameter Operating Temp
    10-1335 2-3mm -20°C to +70°C
    10-1336 2-3mm -20°C to +70°C