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MoCA® Filter – SNLP-1GCW

Eliminate Multi-Room DVR Interference

Isolate and Protect MoCA® User NetworksSNLP-1GCW.png

As in-home networking services continue to grow, you need strong protection to give your subscriber the best multi-room DVR experience. Physically isolating the home through the installation of a low-pass filter at the point-of-entry is necessary to avoid interference from near-by MoCA® users, such as a neighbor. This patented technology prevents interference between homes that use MoCA, and acts as a reflector to minimize MoCA® signal loss in the home.


PPC’s MoCA® filter offers next generation, future-proof technology. Designed not only to isolate a MoCA® signal and keep out interference in any Multi-room network devices like set top boxes and routers, the PPC MoCA® filter also can be used in the house to protect the AGC in non-MoCA® devices like a cable modem. The PPC MoCA® filter is DOCSIS 3.0 ready and is built to protect your network as technology and in-home services continue to advance in the future.

Real Surge Protection

The PPC MoCA® filter is optimized to protect your network and subscriber experience: it can withstand minor and major surges, keeping content flowing and service calls down.PPC also offers the only MoCA® filter in the industry with a built-in weather seal, offering guaranteed moisture protection as well.




Bandwidth 5 MHz to 1525 MHz
Impedance 75 Ohms (nominal)
Return Loss 5-860 MHz -18 dB min
860-1002 MHz -14 dB min
Insertion Loss 5-750 MHz -0.7 dB max
750-1002 MHz -1.5 dB min
1125-1525 MHz -40 dB min
Group Delay 5 ns
Surge Withstand 6 kV B3 Combo Wave
RFI Shielding -140 dB
Operating Temperature -40o F to +140o F
(-40o C to +60o C)
Female Contact Retention Force 200 grams
Physical Dimensions (inches) SNLP-1GCW 0.50x1.94
SNLP-1GCWWS 0.58x 2.17
Meets or Exceeds all SCTE Specifications

Part Numbers

PPC Part Number Description
SNLP-1GCW Low pass filter, MoCA PoE, Combo Wave
SNLP-1GCWWS Low pass filter, MoCA PoE, Combo Wave with integrated port seal