MoCA Filters

Eliminate Multi-Room DVR Interference

Isolate and Protect MoCA User NetworksMoCA Filters

As in-home networking services continue to grow, you need strong protection to give your subscribers the best multi-room DVR experience. Electrically isolating the home by installing a low pass filter at the point of entry prevents one neighbor from accessing or interfering with another neighbor’s data or TV services delivered via MoCA. These filters also enhance MoCA communication by acting as a signal reflector keeping the MoCA signals in the home.


PPC’s MoCA filter offers next generation, future-proof technology. Designed not only to isolate a MoCA signal and keep out interference in any Multi-room network devices like set top boxes and routers, the PPC MoCA filter also can be used in the house to protect the AGC in non-MoCA devices like a cable modem. The PPC MoCA filter is DOCSIS 3.0 ready and is built to protect your network as technology and in-home services continue to advance in the future.

Real Surge Protection

The PPC MoCA filter is optimized to protect your network and subscriber experience: it can withstand minor and major surges, keeping content flowing and service calls down. PPC also offers the only MoCA filter in the industry with a built-in weather seal, offering guaranteed moisture protection as well.


Part Numbers

PPC Part Number Description
SNLP-1GCW Low pass filter, MoCA PoE, Combo Wave
SNLP-1GCWWS Low pass filter, MoCA PoE, Combo Wave with integrated port seal
GLP-1G70CW Low pass filter, MoCA PoE, Combo Wave
GLP-1G70CWWS Low pass filter, MoCA PoE, Combo Wave with integrated port seal