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Cable Manager, 19" Brush



Patch cord manager, 1U configuration, brush bristles for dust mitigation, optimized for low energy consumption, designed for standard 19" racks and cabinets, steel construction w/ high-density nylon bristles

Product Group
  • Fiber,
  • Category,
  • Asia / Pacific,
  • Middle East / Africa,
Network Solution
  • Premises,
  • Headend / Central Office,
  • N/A
Solution Set
  • N/A
  • Indoor,
Product Type
  • Fiber Management,
Product Sub-Type
  • N/A


PPC’s 19-inch 1U Brush Cable Manager allows the user to pass patch cords from the front of the cable manager through the brush entry and exit out the rear, making for an aesthetically-pleasing look to the cabinet. The brush cable manager is constructed of high quality steel and high-density nylon bristles. The nylon bristles block unwanted airflow in open spaces, keeping energy consumption low.

The brush cable manager supports excellent cable management when used in conjunction with other PPC 19” products. The cable manager is designed for use in 19” rack environments for managing patch cords that are connected between patch panels and the network switch. It’s recommended that one cable manager is mounted between every patch panel or a network switch.

The cable manager meets EIA-310-E standards and is compatible with any 19” rack or cabinet.

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