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Erbium Ytterbium Doped Fiber Amplifier (EYDFA)


EYDFA, 8-64 ports, 27-40dBm adjustable output power, dual power supply, input power sensitivity -10 to +10dB, SNMP management

Product Group
  • Fiber,
  • Asia / Pacific,
  • Latin America,
  • Middle East / Africa,
Network Solution
  • Headend / Central Office,
  • N/A
Solution Set
  • N/A
  • Indoor,
Product Type
  • Actives,
Product Sub-Type
  • EDFA,


PPC’s high power Erbium Ytterbium Doped Fiber Amplifier (EYDFA) is characterized by low noise and high linearity performance to meet the most demanding requirements of CATV and FTTx applications. It offers a flexible and low-cost solution for CATV large area coverage of large and medium-sized cities, mainly used in FTTH, FTTB, DBS, MMDS and FTTx PON architectures. The device has a built-in CWDM multiplexer, which will enable the 1490 / 1310nm data stream of the OLT and ONU to be combined into a single fiber transmission through EDFA, thereby reducing the number of devices and improving the system index and reliability. Our EDYFA provides a flexible and low-cost solution for triple play and fiber-to-the-user (FTTU). 

High Quality: Former-class pump uses 980 nm and after-class pump uses 1480 nm. Power is optimized by software to minimize the NF of the EDFA. 

Reliability: The 2U standard rack has a built-in high-performance switching power supply and can work at 85 - 265 VAC city network voltage. There is an optional DC48V power supply (reservations required), and the chassis has automatic cooling temperature control. 

Intuitive: The EDYFA is equipped with a microprocessor that monitors the working state of the laser and an LCD window display that displays the operating parameters. 

Network Type: The select all-piece status monitoring transponder is guaranteed to meet the national standard and be compatible with the SCTE HMS standard, enabling network management monitoring capabilities. Power Plug: The aluminum structure, using plug switching power supply, allows for heat dissipation and replacement.

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