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UHD Splitter Cartridge Module


UHD Splitter Cartridge Module, Ultra-High Density, compatible with all PPC UHD chassis.

Product Group
  • Fiber,
  • Europe,
  • Middle East / Africa,
Network Solution
  • Outside Plant / Distribution Network,
  • Headend / Central Office,
  • N/A
Solution Set
  • N/A
  • Indoor,
Product Type
  • Fiber Management,
Product Sub-Type
  • Pre-Terminated,


PPC Planar Lightwave Circuit (PLC) Splitters are manufactured using silica glass waveguide circuits and extremely precise alignment of optic fibers in very small package. They split or combine light from incoming fibers to multiple numbers of outgoing fibers. They perform uniformly over a wide spectral range, with ultra-low losses. The Plug & Play UHD Splitter Modules offer Ultra-High density and splitter ratios between 1:2 to 2:32 and are fully compatible with all chassis and panels in the PPC UHD and SKS UHD product lines. The pre-connectorised modules are an ideal solution for applications that demand high density and ultra low loss performance, eliminating the added cost and insertion loss from using patch cables and significantly decreasing the overall space requirements.

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