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Drop Cable Assembly Kit


4 fibers, indoor/outdoor, IP65-rated, wall mount, max. distribution capacity (4)

Product Group
  • Fiber,
  • Asia / Pacific,
  • Latin America,
  • Middle East / Africa,
Network Solution
  • Premises,
  • N/A
Solution Set
  • FTTx,
  • Indoor,
Product Type
  • Enclosures,
Product Sub-Type
  • Kit Solution,


PPC offers high performance indoor drop cable assemblies for use in all types of fiber optic networks. PPC Indoor Drop Cable Assemblies are manufactured using a state-of-the-art controlled processes to operate over the full range of single-mode and multimode wavelengths. The cable assemblies are terminated with high-quality connectors, which provide low insertion loss and high return loss. Each assembly is individually tested and supplied with test certificates. The unique serial number provides traceability of every single product. They're available in single-mode and multi-mode fiber types.

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