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Sustainability Management PlanSustainability Management Plan

As a leader in the broadband industry, PPC has made a corporate commitment to also become a leader in industrial sustainability.

We believe our clients, their customers, the community  and  our  employees  deserve  a  safe  workplace  with  minimal  impact  on  the  local  or  global  ecosystem. 

The Sustainability Management Plan formalizes the sustainable  activities  we  already  have  in  place and, more importantly, publicizes our goals for the future.  

 The Plan is organized into  five  areas  of  focus:

  • Energy  Conservation  and  Renewable  Energy  Supply
  • Waste  Management  and  Recycling
  • Clean  Transportation
  • Green-house Gas Management
  • Employee and Community Well-Being

We  look  forward  to  working  with  you  in  creating a better world.

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