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PPC Spec Sheets - Traps & Filters

Developing industry-first innovations

As the acknowledged technology leader in the CATV Traps and Filters marketplace, PPC offers more than 1,000 types of PPC Traps and Filters that are in use worldwide, providing critical path service in the most technologically advanced cable systems in the world.

Our talented and dedicated engineers have revolutionized the industry’s approach to design and construction in response to our customers’ need for smaller, more efficient packaging.

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Traps & Filters


Basic Tier


CBR Spec Sheet
Band Reject Tiering Filters

QBR Spec Sheet
Band Reject Tiering Filters

UBR Spec Sheet
Band Reject Tiering Filters

 Data Only


SNBR Spec Sheet
Wide Band Reject Filters

SBS Spec Sheet
Band Reject Tiering Filters

Line Conditioning




ATP Spec Sheet
Ultra-Precision Attenuator


FPA Spec Sheet
Forward Path Attenuators


SSA Spec Sheet
Step Attenuators

Cable Simulators 


CS Spec Sheet
Cable Simulators



EQF Spec Sheet
EQF Equalizers

High Pass 


SHP Spec Sheet
High Pass Filters

MoCA Filters


MoCA SNLP 1G Spec Sheet
Eliminate Multi-Room DVR Interference


Enhanced CW Series, Indoor/Outdoor


POEGB 1GCW Spec Sheet
Ground Block with Integrated MoCA PoE Filter