TuffDuct™ Direct Buried Microduct

TuffDuct™ Direct Buried Microduct is a 10mm microduct for the routing of cables and optical fibers underground and is ultra tough.

TuffDuct™ is one of the most robust microducts on the market, thanks to the special polymer it is constructed from, and is available with a tone-wire if required for locating purposes.TuffDuct™ Direct Buried Microduct

TuffDuct™ microduct has an ultra low friction & low-static DVC™ lining to assist in pulling, blowing and pushing of fiber or cable.

Advantages for FTTx

  • Ultra tough
  • Ultra low friction & low static DVC™ lining aiding fiber install
  • Ultra high crush resistance
  • Compact size OD perfect for slot trenching
  • Can be direct buried
  • Withstands very high temperature e.g. exposure to bitumen
  • Toneable version available with 0.75mm hard drawn copper clad steel wire. This is a low coil set product
  • Class-leading push and blow ability

Compatibility List

TuffDuct™ - Direct Buried Microduct is compatible with:

  • QuikPush products
  • High install tension suitable for all direct bury methods
  • Low friction & low static DVC™ lining for excellent blow, push and pull properties
  • Industry standard push-fit connectors
  • Compatible with all microduct, fiber and cables


  • FTTH/FTTx - Outdoor
  • Data Infrastructure
  • Telecoms




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