Zipper Tool for Fiber Protection

The PPC Zipper Tool allows a slit version of the Miniflex® protective tubing to be ‘zipped’ onto pre-terminated cable and patch cords, as well as long lengths of fiber which cannot ordinarily be pushed into a protection tube.

The zipper tool is ideal for retro-fitting over sections of cable that need bend radius control or physical crush protection.

The zipper tool allows standard <Ø3mm optical fiber cable to be armor protected without the need to re-terminate and re-test the connectors. This is ideally suited for end user applications where termination has already been completed, or to existing cable infrastructure.

Advantages of Fiber Protection Tubing

  • Tough - very high crush resistance, up to 1400N
  • Lightweight - as little as 5g/m
  • Flexible - bend radius down to 5x OD
  • Anti-kink property
  • Easily zipped / unzipped over fiber cable
  • Adds anti-kink properties
  • No network downtime, installed on cable in situ
  • Prevents macro- and micro- bending
  • Can be unzipped (removed) and rezipped

Features and Benefits

  • Portable handheld tool (150x60x15mm)
  • Available for 4mm and 5mm slit Miniflex
  • Made from durable cast aluminum
  • Single person operation


  • Industrial Cabling
  • Cable Trays/Troughs
  • Automotive Harnesses
  • Cable Repair
  • Critical Data Networks
  • Easy retro-fit to existing installations
zipper tool for fiber protection