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Convergence India 2023

2023 marks the 30th anniversary of the Convergence India Expo, which has been at the forefront of the telecom revolution in the country. Today, the expo showcases the shift toward a digital world, with new use cases in telecom, broadcasting, and 5G and 6G networks. 

With several breakthrough technologies under one roof, PPC was on the exhibition floor at booth D214, where you’ll our experts gave a behind-the-scenes look at our fiber solutions.


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Fiber Solutions

Central Office Solutions

Meet Our Representatives


Navdeep Bharti

Corporate Account Manager - Engineering Services


Vikas Kapoor

Director- Broadband Div. (S. Asia & MEA)


Prasenjit Sengupta

Regional Sales Manager – East


Sajeev TA

Senior Manager Sales


Icy Varghese

Director- Product Line Management (AMEA)


Abhishek Vernekar

Product Line Manager - Passives & FMS

How To improve your Fiber Connector Inspection Results

Poor fiber connector inspection results might not be due to defects or damage to the fiber itself but issues with your inspection environment. This eBook addresses these factors to improve results.