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PPC Broadband Customer ServicesPPC offers a direct hands-on approach to Sales and Customer Service. Our goal is to provide our customers with the fastest, most efficient and most cost effective solutions to improve and grow their business.

Recognizing time to market delivery as the single most important factor in a successful venture, PPC's sales and support team provides the conduit to quickly establish scope of the demand. Through the execution of design, manufacturing and delivery of products, our team is equipped with the tools that allow you to focus on your customers.

Using SAP, the world leader in ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems, PPC seamlessly takes concept to design, design to manufacturing, and manufacturing to delivery. With each process integrated in SAP, PPC is able to measure project milestones with ease and effectiveness, ensuring customer expectations are met or exceeded.

We also operate a Vendor Managed Inventory program at PPC, where we guarantee that the top 65 items will ship in less than 24 hours. Click below to find out more.


 PPC's Customer Service Department is available from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm EST Monday through Friday. With the proximity to every department in the corporate office, PPC's Customer Service Reps are unequaled in their ability to find the correct person, the correct information, and the correct answer for our customers' every request.

Customer Services Corporate Headquarters - Syracuse, NY

TEL: 315-431-7200
ALT: 800-800-6652
FAX: 315-431-7201
EMAIL: customerservice@ppc-online.com

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