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Broad Solution Options Tailored to HFC Broadband Networks

Outside Plant Copper Solutions

With a vast portfolio of copper solutions for OSP applications, PPC’s ability to deliver end-to-end solutions for HFC networks is unrivaled.

This innovative product set includes cabinets and distribution hubs, enclosures, hardline cable and connectors, integrated weather seal connectors (AquaTight®), line taps and passives, bonding and grounding, hardware and ancillaries.

Premises Copper Solutions

With more than 90% of U.S. households already being serviced by coaxial cable, there is a huge potential for DOCSIS technology to leverage the existing coaxial infrastructure and offer vastly improved network efficiency. 

Through decades of experience working in HFC networks, PPC is proud to offer a comprehensive premises copper solution, comprised of coaxial and category products.

Outside Plant Fiber Solutions

PPC's outside plant solution portfolio consists of a growing range of fiber products including cabinets and distribution hubs, multiplexers and passives, aerial cables and assemblies, duct and cable protection, enclosures, hardware and more, to help network operators optimize their signal transmission throughout the journey between the central office/headend and the subscriber premises.

Premises Fiber Solutions

PPC is the world’s premier supplier for craft-friendly solutions used in residential and commercial buildings. PPC's premises fiber solutions comprises Miniflex® fiber cable and QuikPush® cable assemblies, microduct, drop enclosures, distribution boxes, FutureLink® enclosures for patching, splicing and slack storage, fiber management, indoor actives, hardware and more.