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The Complete Guide to Fiber to the Premises Deployment


Exploring last drop options for FTTP deployment

With crystal clear benefits to consumers and communities from fiber connections, demand for effective and affordable solutions is skyrocketing.

But providing fiber to the premises is a complex challenge and operators have important variables to consider when building out FTTP networks, from the surrounding landscape and environment to minimizing the impact of installation on the end user.

This eBook analyzes the range of options available to network operators and installers seeking to solve that last drop challenge. If you are about to plan an FTTP rollout, don’t make any decisions until you have considered all of your opportunities for making the last drop faster and more cost effective.

In this free eBook you will discover:

  • Why the demand for FTTP is exploding globally
  • The surprising true costs of different deployment options
  • The prime importance of customer experience during installation
  • When to choose pushable fiber over blown and vice versa
  • Why pullable is preferred to direct cable in many cases

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