Miniflex® Pre-terminated Fiber Cable

Miniflex® Pre-terminated Fiber Cable, made using Miniflex Fiber Cable with your choice of industry standard connector

6_Leads.jpgMiniflex Pre-terminated Fiber Cable has exceptionally low weight for the level of strength and protection it provides.

Advantages of Miniflex®

  • Market leading combination of size, crush resistance, flexibility and fiber density
  • Multiple connector options
  • Multi-fiber connectors
  • Breakout products with pigtails and individual products
  • Miniflex live hinge technology
  • Grooving increases flexibility for a given strength
  • Best combination of strength, size, weight & fiber density
  • Very high crush resistance
  • Very small diameter
  • Uses industry standard fiber from a wide range of fiber suppliers

Compatibility List

Miniflex® Pre-terminated Fiber Cable is compatible with:

  • All ducting and microduct in the market
  • All types of fiber, both silica based or POF
  • Specify if a particular pigtail length is required


  • FTTH/FTTx - Outdoor
  • FTTH/FTTx - Indoor
  • Data Infrastructure
  • Telecoms
  • Transport - Automotive

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