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Innovative Connectivity Solutions
for Broadband and Wireless Networks

PPC is an award-winning, global leader in connective technology with a diverse product portfolio, supporting network architectures and applications from the headend to the home.

Rural Broadband

PPC has curated an optimized, end-to-end solution portfolio that offers signal transport from central office applications through urban, suburban, and exurban geographies to the most thinly populated rural markets. With a decade’s long commitment to innovation, PPC is positioned to optimize networks as they push deeper and deeper into rural population centers.

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FTTx Solutions

Proud of its reputation for technical leadership and craft-friendly innovations in FTTx, PPC continues to add to its global products portfolio and today offers customers a true end-to-end solution that can meet the needs of virtually any network architecture and topology.

PPC Broadband is the market leader in high-performance connectivity solutions that simplify the installation and maintenance of FTTx networks.

PPC has rapidly expanded its product breadth, offering comprehensive solutions for Central Office, Outside Plant and Premises applications for network architectures of all types.

Hybrid Fiber Coax (HFC) Solutions

Through a deep product and R&D focus on DOCSIS 4.0 and extended frequency deployments, PPC's ability to deliver outside plant (OSP) and premises solutions for HFC networks is unrivaled. PPC offers the most comprehensive HFC distribution solution on the market today.

Through a combined focus on innovation of copper and fiber products, PPC has created powerful solutions for Hybrid Fiber Coax (HFC) networks worldwide.

PPC not only delivers products designed to reduce field labor, but offers industry-leading training and tools programs to support growing labor demand.

Wireless Solutions

PPC is leveraging its fiber and category portfolio for wireless applications with an emphasis on high-need, innovative product development. PPC is a key partner for companies deploying optical network technology for 5G and beyond.

The deployment of 5G and next generation technologies demands a broad range of products to support diverse network topologies and to safeguard reliable, high-speed network performance across the map.

PPC’s vast product portfolio provides a powerful solution built to deliver high performance wireless connectivity required by the networks of today – and tomorrow.