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1.2 GHz Line Taps


1.2 GHz Line Taps, 2, 4 port in "narrow" body, 2, 4, 8 port in "wide body, 5 - 1218 MHz frequency, Aluminum alloy with polyurethane finish, RF shielding to 120 dB

Product Group
  • Coaxial,
  • Asia / Pacific,
  • Europe,
  • Latin America,
  • Middle East / Africa,
  • North America,
Network Solution
  • N/A
  • N/A
Solution Set
  • N/A
  • Outdoor,
Product Type
  • Line Taps & Passives,
Product Sub-Type
  • N/A


PPC introduces a new series of line taps to support the cable industry’s bandwidth expansion to 1218 MHz. Form factor compatible with one of the most popular brands, installation of these devices is familiar to installing techs and can be used in both aerial and pedestal applications. 

Available configurations in both “narrow” and “wide” body housings. Faceplates are interchangeable among body types: 

• Narrow + Wide body: 2 port versions with values from 4 dB (T) to 35 dB 

• Narrow + Wide body: 4 port versions with values from 8 dB (T) to 35 dB 

• Wide body: 8 port versions with values from 11 dB (T) to 35 dB 

All products are protected against electrical surges and can pass the industry’s most challenging 6 kV “combo wave” surge test. These are the reliable products you can deploy today and use for years to come.

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