PPC QuikPass™ Fiber Entry Box

    The Fiber Entry Box is a slim profile, compact termination box at the heart of the PPC QuikPass™ solution. Manufactured from a flame retardant, low smoke zero halogen and impact resistant polymer, the box mounts to wall surfaces via two (2) screws (provided).

    The Fiber Entry Box is positioned over the Miniflex® Distribution Cable and provides retaining features to hold the cable securely. After window cutting the cable, individual 900µm fibers are pulled back and coiled into the box.

    The Fiber Entry Box features all the necessary components to connect the subscriber to the distribution cable and offers a range of termination options including fusion splice, field fit connectors, terminated drop cables and even the option to push the fiber from the Fiber Entry Box to the customer terminal / ONT.



    • Drop Cable can enter at rear or bottom of the box
    • Tamper resistant front cover
    • Slim compact profile
    • Cable retention features
    • Multiple termination options
    • Supplied with wall fixings and connection accessories
    PPC QuikPass Solution Brochure