Miniflex® Euroclass Cca Cable

    Miniflex Euroclass Cable is a tough and lightweight optical fiber loose tube cable, available with up to 12 optical fibers.

    Rated Cca in accordance with EN 50575:2014+A1:2016, Miniflex fiber cable is considered a low fire hazard product. With low flame spread and zero droplets it is the ideal cable solution in areas with high fire risks such as public and multi-dwelling buildings, escape routes and corridors.

    Fearless_M2fx_aug_12_6.jpgAt just 3mm outer diameter Miniflex Cable is a rugged, Ultra-flexible drop cable solution for pushing and pulling inside raceways or for fixing directly to building surfaces.

    By virtue of the Miniflex grooving technology this ruggedize lightweight fiber cable is ultra flexible whilst resisting the urge to kink like regular fibre cable.

    No specialist installation tools are required to push/pull Miniflex through FTTx Microducts. When combined with PPCs class leading low-friction Microducts, the cable can be pushed by hand in >100 metres with up to 8 x 90° bends in the route.

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    Benefits of Miniflex Cca Cable?

    • Terminated with Balistix SC and LC connectors (QuikPush), or industry standard connectors.

    • Ultra-Flexible, small bend radius for compact slack fiber storage

    • Push / Pull / Blow-able for routing into building ducts and conduits

    • Small and unobtrusive enough for surface mount applications

    • Tough enough for clipping, tacking and gluing

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    Advantages of Miniflex Cca Cable

    • EN CPR (Construction Products Regulation) Cca rated

    • UV Stable

    • Ultra Tough

    • Lightweight

    • Small Diameter (3mm for <12 fibre)

    • Miniflex Technology for 5 x D bend radius

    • High crush resistance

    • Best-is-class push/pull and blow-ability