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Miniflex™ Plenum Microduct

Miniflex™ Plenum Microduct provides a protective pathway for FTTx cable installation within plenum air space locations.

The product is made from highly flame retardant PVDF polymer and it is listed as a UL OFNP product. PPC has a low friction and low static P-DVC™ liner specially developed to suit this duct, thus facilitating the easy pulling, blowing, and pushing of fiber cable.Four_Sizes_White_Duct.jpg

Miniflex™ Plenum Microduct is UL approved for use with plenum rated fiber cables and with Miniflex PBT fiber cable, providing good value and flexible fiber deployment.

Advantages for FTTx

  • Ultra fire retardant
  • Exceptionally low smoke evolution
  • Features Miniflex technology
  • Ultra tough
  • Ultra low friction & low static DVC™ lining aiding fiber install
  • High crush resistance
  • Class-leading push and blow ability
  • Bend radius of 100mm


Typical push install lengths are 350 feet, with 8 evenly distributed 90 degree bends at a radius of 4 inches. Pull lengths of up to 900 feet are also possible, depending on the route.

Installation Applications

  • In General Plenum Air Spaces (ceiling voids and false floors)


  • FTTH/FTTx - Indoor
  • Data Infrastructure
  • Telecoms
  • Commercial FTTP
  • Optical LANs, Fiber to the Desk

Standards Approval

  • PPC plenum microduct is listed to UL OFNP class QAZD (Field Assembled Optical Cable) when used with Miniflex 1-12 fiber PBT 3mm cable.
  • Listing for UL OFNP class QAZM is pending (May 2013)
  • We exceed the requirements of The FT4 Fire Test in Canada




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