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Cross Connect 110 Wall Mount Frame


Cross connect 110 wall mount frame, mounts 100-pair 110 wiring block without legs, 300 pair capacity per unit, up to 3x units can be combined for up to 900 pairs, robust steel construction

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  • Middle East / Africa,
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  • Multi-Dwelling Unit (MDU),
  • Single Dwelling Unit (SDU),
  • Indoor,
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  • Accessories,
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PPC’s cross connect 110 wall mount frame is suitable for mounting a 100-pair 110 wiring block without legs onto the cross connect rack. The cross connect rack can be directly mounted onto the wall, enabling the system to grow as per the number of pairs to be terminated. 

The 110 cross connect rack provides high density and additional cable access within a compact space. You can mount it to walls or backboards in building entrance facilities, telecommunications closets or equipment rooms. 

The system can be scaled up by placing a basic cross connect rack at the bottom and placing two extension cross connect racks above. In this manner, the wall mount cross connect system can grow from a basic of 300 pairs per rack to thousands of pairs by mounting multiple cross connect systems in a side-by-side configuration. 

Each basic and extension cross connect rack supports three 100-pair 110 wiring blocks without legs and three 110 block cable managers without legs. Under every 100-pair 110 wiring cross connect block, a 110 cable manager must be placed.

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