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Demarcation Enclosure PHB1093XX



Demarcation Enclosure Dimensions: 11 1/8" x 10 1/8" x 5", open-ended cable slot for easier and faster installation, removable back section, weather-resistant thermoplastic housing, slack storage loop, locking lid

Product Group
  • Fiber,
  • Coaxial,
  • Asia / Pacific,
  • Europe,
  • Latin America,
  • Middle East / Africa,
  • North America,
Network Solution
  • Premises,
  • N/A
Solution Set
  • Single Dwelling Unit (SDU),
  • Indoor,
  • Outdoor,
Product Type
  • Enclosures,
Product Sub-Type
  • Drop,

PPC’s PHB1093XX demarcation enclosure provides a secure compartment for coax and fiber installations. The enclosure’s removable hinged lid has a section that allows for the display of your company’s logo. The enclosure latches with two side snap latches, and can be safeguarded with a zip-tie or padlock. The unique design allows for easy access to any equipment, and a lid that stays open when needed. The internal mounting arrangement allows for a standardized method of installing coax or fiber drop components. 

All mounts are the same height and spaced in 1/2 in increments per industry standards. To help cover unsightly cable portals and/or components on the side of a home, the back of the enclosure incorporates a unique two piece tearaway 3 in x 3 in section that can easily be removed via a pull-tab depending on the size needed (9 in x 4 in or 3 in x 3 in). The open-ended, self-sealing, cable slot at the bottom of the box allow components to be assembled outside of the enclosure making for quicker installations, and eliminates entry points for insects and moisture. The dedicated 1 in conduit opening accepts a variety of cables sizes (from 1/8 in to 1 1/8 in or 3 mm to 28 mm)

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