PPC QuikPass™ Window Cutter

    The PPC QuikPass™ Window Cutter is a simple-to-use tool for precisely cutting a 50mm / 2 inch wide window in the 8mm Miniflex® Cable.

    As part of the PPC QuikPass solution it allows individual 900µm fibers to be accessed, cut and retracted from the cable.

    Where traditional cutting tools might struggle to cut through the tough outer jacket of Miniflex, the PPC Window Cutter uses a lever action to cut through the tough polymer with ease.

    The tool grips and holds the cable in an arc profile with special retention features before making the window cut. This ensures that the cut is consistent time and time again, as well as preventing potential damage to the optical fiber as may occur with generic open-bladed tools.


    • Rugged anodized aluminium and stainless steel construction
    • Safe to use, closed blade operation
    • Precise, consistent cutting action
    • Grips the cable securely
    • Spring return feature
    • Supplied in a rugged carry box
    PPC QuikPass Solution Brochure