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Environmental sustainability

At PPC, we're committed to the global community in which our employees, partners and customers live and work. We see environmental sustainability not only as a responsibility, but as an opportunity for our company to be better. That's why we are constantly implementing innovative ways to minimize our environmental footprint through energy efficiency, waste reduction, recycling and conservation. 

To accomplish this we recycle oil used in our manufacturing processes, employ air reserve tanks to reduce electrical consumption and use "smog hog" units to maintain low emissions certification. When possible, we hold our suppliers to the same stringent standards that we hold ourselves to,  and we encourage everyone we do business with to pursue more sustainable business practices.

We have improved product packaging such as coaxial cable on reels (as opposed to cardboard boxes) which greatly reduces waste for our customers. The reels are carried within soft sided tool bags that are re-used for many years.

We strive to bring products to our customers that combine "green" manufacturing practices with the quality, service, and innovation you've come to expect from PPC,  and we will continue to uphold these standards in the future. 

ISO Certification -- In addition to being environmentally responsible and committed to reducing our global carbon footprint, quality and safety are paramount to PPC. Each of our plants around the world are ISO certified, insuring your quality products are manufactured to the highest standards in the industry.

To download PPC's ISO certificate, click on the image below:

ISO Certificate PPC Broadband

Fast FTTx deployment with aerial fiber cable