FlexPON® Demarcation Enclosure

    Architecture & Platform Versatility in a Revolutionary FTTH EnclosureFlexPon Demarcation Enclosure web

    The innovative enclosure design provides ample space to store slack for the incoming fiber drop, while also accommodating a pre-loaded Miniflex® QuikPush® assembly ready to deploy deeper into the network for FTTX installs.

    PPC’s FlexPON® demarcation enclosures are designed to efficiently provide a demarcation point between the outdoor drop fiber and the indoor fiber run.

    The unique door hinge self-locks into the optimum position for paying out the Miniflex QuikPush. When closed, the Miniflex QuikPush self-locks into position, preventing unwanted payout of fiber.

    The fiber entry ports are configured to provide secure mounting of a variety of fibers, ducts, drop cables and conduit up to 1”, making for modular capability. A can wrench lock provides standard access security.

    Features & Benefits

    • Miniflex QuikPush preloaded into the enclosure
    • Two-position payout and storage design provides maximum access for installation and service
    • Drop fiber slack storage separate from the Quikpush
    • Provides an outdoor demarcation and test point for FTTH installs
    • Tamper-resistant lock


    • Fiber to the home
    • Multi-dwelling units
    • Premise installations
    • Telecommunications


    • UV Resistance per UL 746C
    • Water Resistance per UL 746C
    • IP54 Ingress Protection
    • Material: Copolymer Impact Polypropylene
    • Cavity Dimensions: 8.85” X 6.85” X 2.65”
    Outside Dimensions: 10” X 8” X 4.25”


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